Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mission of the JROTC Program?

The mission of the JROTC program is to make young people better citizens. More specifically, the program is designed to educate and train high school Cadets in citizenship, promote community service, instill responsibility, character and self-discipline, and pride in themselves and community

How often do cadets wear the uniform?

Cadets are expected to wear their uniform (either Class A or Class B) every Wednesday unless otherwise posted. Each cadet will have their uniform issued to them free of charge after the first few weeks of the school year, however each cadet is expected to keep and maintain their uniform to the best of their ability, and it is considered the cadet's responsibility if anything is damaged or lost.

Do I have to pay to be apart of the program?

There is no cost to be in the JROTC program. Everything that is considered essential will be provided free of charge.

Is there any physical activities that are required?

In JROTC, you will need to take a physical fitness test called the Cadet Challenge, which consists of pushups, situps, V-sits and reach, shuttle run and a one mile run. The cadet Challenge is only done a few times a year, however there is regular physical training done throughout the year.

I've heard of "Special Teams," what are they and are they required?

Special teams are after school activities that cadets are able to participate in. They consist of Raider team, Archery team, Drill team, and Color Guard. You are not required to join a special team, however it is encouraged to join a special team to enrich your experience in JROTC.

You can learn more about Special teams here.

What are some events that I may participate in?

Cadets in the program will participate in a variety of community services, such as:

Activation Ceremony- The Battalion is activated for the year and the new leadership receive authority over the battalion.

Fish Fry- Cadets organize and plan a fish fry in collaboration with the Wake Forest Fire Department.

Field of Dreams- Cadets organize an event to play baseball with special needs children from local high schools.

Wake Forest Purple Heart Dinner- Cadets escort Purple Heart recipients and their families to their tables and spend the night serving them.

Paws 4 Life 5K- cadets assist in managing a 5K held by the Franklin County Humane Society.

Military Ball- Cadets plan an annual end of year celebration in which medals are awarded, the seniors are recognized, and dinner is served.

Not all events are mandatory, however it is encouraged to participate as much as possible to provide more service to our community.

I'm interested. How do I join?

If you are interested in joining the JROTC program or have additional questions, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to talk with you.