JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge

2023 JCLC Team

JCLC provides selected cadets with an opportunity to apply JROTC principles learned in the classroom in a practical setting and military environment.

Cadets are organized into groups and are required to function in the same manner as an infantry platoon. Cadets will be given the chance to show proficiency in multiple leadership positions throughout the 6 day camp. They are evaluated on their performance in their position at the end of the week.

PT Requirements

*Both Male and Female Cadets are expected to reach the 30th percentile


JCLC involves a lot of physical activities testing each cadet's mental and physical abilities. During JCLC, you can expect the following:

-40ft Repel Tower

-Waterborne Training

-Rope Bridge



-Land Navigation (Night/Day)

-First Aid

-Survival Training w/ Team Building Exercises

-Obstacle Course

-Rock Climbing Wall

-Drown Proofing

-Leadership Reaction Course

-FLRC (Field Leadership Reaction Course)